Enstor launches LTO LTFS Archive Solution

Posted on 13-Jun-2013

ENSTOR, who provides secure, simple, scalable tape autoloader products in Australia and New Zealand, is expanding its portfolio with an LTFS archive software solution. ENSTOR’s new solution LTFStor simplifies the process of archiving to tape: “Even users without tape or LTFS specific knowledge can now drag and drop their data across a network to tape autoloaders using LTFStor”.

Enstor lto ltfs archive solution

LTFStor is a streamlined and easy alternative to existing archive solutions on the market. LTFStor has a focus on improving the simplicity of LTFS application, creating a streamlined and flexible solution to break down complex barriers to users. The Linear Tape File System (LTFS) was implemented into the LTO-5 tape standard in 2010 and with LTO-6, gives a new momentum to tape data storage and archiving. LTFStor provides a user friendly approach to long term data storage giving maximum benefits in the utilisation of tape autoloaders, while at the same time using open industry standards.

The objective of LTFStor is to enable users access to cost-effective tape storage media. Companies today are experiencing an exponential growth of data that may be rarely accessed but is still valuable.

Significantly Less Expensive

ENSTORs LTFStor solution is a significantly less expensive and more environmentally friendly alternative to archiving than using expensive hard drive storage systems.

With LTFStor, data can be stored on tape libraries just as easily as with conventional disk-based network attached storage (NAS). The solution is based on the open LTFS standard for data storage to tape. Since the system offers non-proprietary storage, it is compatible with existing applications and file managers.

Large Data Storage

Typical applications for the new LTFStor solution are archiving of large and unused data volumes, as well as the exchange of large data volumes. Whether it is the media and entertainment industry, healthcare or big data – all areas require reliable storage of a large amount of data, to reduce IT budgets, to enable flexible and easy exchange and access to data as well as ensuring scalability.

LTFStor is easily installed onto a Linux server. The software stores data automatically and independently in the tape library running the background. As far as the user is concerned, saving and archiving of data is a simple drag & drop – just like to a folder directory within a network.

All Tape Libraries

LTFStor supports the full range of ENSTOR tape libraries. With a ENSTOR 4U Library and LTO-6 tapes, storage capacities of up to 300 TB are possible.

ENSTOR Autoloaders and LTFStor are available through Connexion Point, the specialised tape drive and autoloader services and support provider in Australia and New Zealand and other IT data storage resellers.

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