Automate your backups with the Enstor autoloader/library series

Enstor autoloaders are your affordable automated data storage solution. Featuring outstanding performance, exceptional manufacturing quality, scalable technology and superior performance and capacity.

The cost effective Enstor autoloader platform has been specifically developed for companies requiring scalable automated data protection systems. The exceptional quality and usability of the Enstor autoloader range makes for the perfect automated tape storage solution.

Enstor autoloaders fulfill challenging storage requirements of organisations with small to mid size IT environments, and with a simple installation, opens up great benefits for IT managers. They offer a broad range of storage capacity and interfaces, ensuring a completely reliable storage or archiving of all enterprise data.  Enstor autoloaders are the perfect tape backup product to compliment disaster recovery solutions, local or cloud based backups and simple archiving.

Flexible and compatible with the next generation LTO. An Enstor autoloader / library is the solution to your automatic backup needs.

What are the fantastic advantages of Enstor autoloaders / libraries?

Simplify your data backups

Enstor products are a simple, hassle-free solution. By using an Enstor autoloader / library, you will minimise administration costs by spending less time and money on managing your data protection programme. Enstor autoloaders can be easily upgraded to the next generation of LTO tape technology, and you can add quickly and easily add additional slots and tape drives as and when you need. Use your Enstor 1U08, 2U24 or the 4U48 with a library extender to add another autoloader/library to form a single expanded tape library.

Protection, security and flexibility

An Enstor autoloader / library is both flexible and completely secure.

Expand your capacity and performance

Enstor will improve your performance and expand your capacity. 

Backup from anywhere in the world

If you have access to a web-based remote managements system you can back up your data remotely from anywhere in the world.

Manage your tapes easily

With an Enstor autoloader / library you can manage your tapes easily. Take advantage of the integrated barcode reader to automatically load and unload your tapes.  The multiple 12-slot magazines can be quickly and easily removed to make managing the entire system a breeze.

Choose how you'd like to connect

Enstor offers you the option of choosing how you would like to connect.Select an interface connection including SCSI, SAS, iSCSI, and fibre channel connectivity.

Easy maintenance, simple service and reliability

An Enstor autoloader / library is reliable and easy to maintain and service. Enstor offers proven reliability from the world’s biggest autoloader / library manufacturer.  The power supply, library controller, drive, and robots can be quickly and easily exchanged on-site if necessary.

Technical Specifications

Enstor model name 1U08 2U24 4U48
LTO-4 Capacity 
(2:1 Compression)
6.4 TB
(12.8 TB)
19.2 TB
(38.4 TB)
38.4 TB
(74.8 TB)
LTO-5 Capacity
(2:1 Compression)
12 TB
(24 TB)
36 TB
(72 TB) 
72 TB
(144 TB)
LTO-6 Capacity
(2.5:1 Compression)
20 TB
(50 TB)
60 TB
(150 TB)
120 TB
(300 TB)
LTO-4 Maximum transfer rate
(2:1 Compression)
288 GB/hr
(576 GB/hr)
576 GB/hr
(1.15 GB/hr)
1.15 GB/hr
(2.3 GB/hr)
LTO-5 Maximum transfer rate
(2:1 Compression)
500 GB/hr
(1 TB/hr)
1 TB/hr
(2 TB/hr)
2 TB/hr
(4 TB/hr)
LTO-6 Maximum transfer rate
(2.5:1 Compression)
560 GB/hr
(1.4 TB/hr)
1.12 GB/hr
(2.8 TB/hr)
2.24 GB/hr
(5.6 TB/hr)
LTO-4 Connection interfaces SCSI, SAS
Fibre channel
Fibre channel
Fibre channel
LTO-5 Connection interfaces SAS
Fibre channel
Fibre channel
Fibre channel
LTO-6 Connection interfaces SAS
Fibre channel
Fibre channel
Fibre channel
Number of drives:
    - Half-height
    - Full-height



Number of slots 8 24 48
Form factor 1U 2U 4U
Rackmount Kit Available Included Included
Dimensions (cm):
width x length x height
48.2 x 80.6 x 4.38 48.2 x 80.6 x 8.76 48.2 x 80.6 x 17.52
Weight (kg) (unmounted) 11.5 15.6 24.5

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